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    ABRUS SEEDS  –  A small red and black legume often carried in magic amulets for good luck.

    ACACIA LEAF  Symbolizes the afterlife; burn to develop personal inner power.

    ALOES POWDER (BITTER ALOES) Used in a graveyard bottle spell to silence the lips of those who speak evil.

     AGRIMONY  – Believed to reverse a jinx, curse, or hex after it has been put on you.

     ALFALFA  Kept in the home to protect from money troubles. Use when asking for a loan.

    ALKANET ROOT   –  stops those trying to create trouble regarding money matters or jinxing your financial luck.

    GROUND BERRIES –  Magical prosperity, success, luck, and money gained with business ventures.

    WHOLE BERRIES –    Magical prosperity, success, luck, and money gained with business ventures.

    ALTHAEA – Attracts positive spirits to the home.

    ANGELICA ROOT POWDER – Enhances female magickal power and protects infants and children.

    ANISE SEED – Ward off the Evil Eye and also to increase psychic abilities.

    ARROW ROOT POWDER –   Hand-dusting powder for gambling luck; combine with lucky Sachet Powders.

    ASPAND (ESPHAND, ESPAND, HARMAL, SYRIAN RUE) –  Used to Protect from the evil eye.

    BARBERRY Sprinkled in the paths of your enemies to bar their way and stop them following you.

     BASIL For money and success, happy family, and a peaceful home; removes the Evil Eye.

      BAY LEAF  For protection and to avoid being jinxed, especially if you are doing a job on someone else.

    BLACKBERRY LEAF –  Remove evil spirits from a home and to return evil to a person doing you harm.

    BLACK SNAKE ROOT (BLACK COHOSH) – Provides magical protection and strengthens those who are afraid.

    BLESSED THISTLE Magick herbal tea which is sprinkled around the home for protection from evil.

    BLOOD ROOT Strengthens family relations where blood ties restrict you and respect is lacking.

    BROOM STRAWS  To drive away witches and unwanted visitors; for magical protection from evil.

    BORAGE FLOWERS  For peace in the home, tranquility in the family, and calm in domestic relationships.

    BURDOCK ROOT  –  A cleansing, protective, and uncrossing magic herb, said to restore male nature.

    BUCKEYE NUT, WHOLE    Said to prevent rheumatism, arthritis, and headache, and to enhance male vigour.

    CALENDULA FLOWERS  – Strong for winning in court and powerful to induce prophetic lucky number dreams

    CARAWAY SEED  Believed to provide protection and to keep young children safe from illness and harm.

    CARDAMOM SEED  Used in magic spells intended to bring about lust, passion, and love in one not your mate.

    CASCARA SAGRADA BARK Said to bring good luck and especially to help you win in court cases.

    CATNIP Used to captivate your lover with your special ways and to capture his or her heart.

    CEDAR WOOD CHIPS Used to draw a two-armed cross on the ground to peacefully cause an unwanted person to move.

    CELERY SEED Believed by many to enhance latent psychic powers and to bring on prophetic dreams.

    CHAMOMILE FLOWERS –  A magical herb used in gambling spells and washes, and also for uncrossing.

    CHERRY BARK  Said to be efficacious in matters of love, romance, sexual attraction, and conjugal relations.

    CINNAMON POWDER Sprinkled to attract luck, money, and love; also for purification and protection.

    RED CLOVER FLOWERS, – Used in love-magic, for a prosperous marriage, and to insure conjugal felicity.

    WHITE CLOVER FLOWERS, –  A magick herb used for personal purification and to drive away evil influences.

    CLOVES, –   To attract good luck to your home, to stop gossip, and to help sustain friendships.

    COMFREY LEAF Helps you hold onto the money you have or the money that you win while gambling.

    CORIANDER SEEDS  –  To draw love to you, to stimulate passion, and to keep your lover faithful to you.

    COUCH GRASS (WITCH GRASS)  – Used in binding spells, both for love-magic and for evil purposes.

    CUMIN SEEDS Believed to keep evil and bad luck away from your home, to keep your lover faithful.

    DAMIANA  Used to draw a new lover, to intensify sexual passion, or to bring back a straying lover.

    DANDELION ROOT orWHOLE Carried in a bag to enhance psychic dreams and second sight.

    DEER’S TONGUE  –  Used to get someone to love you, to obtain a proposal of marriage, also for court cases.

    DEVIL POD (BAT NUT)  – For strong protection from evil; also used as an offering to dark forces.

    DEVIL’S SHOE STRINGS For protection from crossing and gossip, for gambling luck, for job getting.

    DILL LEAF  For folks crossed or jinxed in love, and for men who have had their nature taken away.

    DILL SEED  To make you irresistible to the one you desire, and also to help you win in court.

    DRAGON’S BLOOD CURIO chunks  – A magical plant resin carried for good luck, for making magic pacts, and to attract riches.

    ELDER FLOWERS Sprinkled around property or carried for protection from criminals and from the law.

    ELECAMPANE  –  A famous magical love herb; one of the three ingredients in Medieval True Love Powder.

    EUCALYPTUS  –   To drive away pestiferous people and also for personal cleansing after contact with evil.

    FENNEL SEEDS For protection, to keep the law away, to strengthen a women’s courage, to prevent curses.

    FERNUsed to prevent jinxes, to remove evil spirits from the home, to help ward off burglars.

    FEVERFEW  – A magic herb carried by clumsy or accident prone people to protect them from harm.

    FIVE FINGER GRASS   – For success in all the things that five fingers can do, to get others to do you favours.

    FLAX SEED Used to increase psychic abilities and mental powers, and for protection of children.

    GARLIC CLOVES (AJO JAPONES) Protective, powerful, and edible; used in cooking and to repel all manner of evil.

    GENTIAN ROOT CHIPS  A love-drawing herb; carried in a conjure bag with the name of the one you desire.

    GINGER ROOT Fiery protection from evil magic; also heats up love affairs and sexuality.

    GINSENG ROOT (WONDER OF THE WORLD) POWDER  – For male vigour and nature, good luck in gambling, and to control your mate.

    GINSENG ROOTFor male vigour and nature, good luck in gambling, and to control your mate.

    GOLDEN SEAL ROOT THREADS A magic herb used by those who seek wisdom, strength, and beauty, also better health.

    GRAINS OF PARADISE (GUINEA GRAINS) For good luck, protection of the house, to get a job, and to make wishes come true.

    GRAVEL ROOT CHIPS Carried when looking for a new job or when asking your boss for a raise or benefits.

    HAWTHORN BERRIES, WHOLESprinkle around the home to keep another person from trying to become your spouse’s lover.

    HOLLY LEAVES For magic spells of protection of the home, to invite helpful spirits into the household.

    HONEYSUCKLE FLOWERS A twining vine with sweet-smelling flowers, it is used to entangle and tie a lover to you.

    HOPS FLOWERS, WHOLE   Aids peaceful sleep when placed in the pillow; ends nightmares, brings beneficial dreams.

    HUCKLEBERRY LEAVES   –  Said to make your dreams come true; used by gamblers to produce lucky number dreams.

    HYSSOPA purification herb, for home cleansing, to put an end to crossed conditions, to take off a jinx.

    IRISH MOSS WHOLE PIECESTo bring continuous good luck and a steady flow of money in business and gambling.

    JASMINE FLOWERSSaid to aid in the reception of psychic dreams and to enhance the power of love herb mixtures

    JEZEBEL ROOT, WHOLEAttracts men with money; also used in the famous curse of Jezebel against enemies.

    JOHN THE CONQUEROR ROOT CHIPS AND PIECES For use in luck-magic spells and for making your own John the Conquer dressing oil.

    JUNIPER BERRIESTo increase virility in men, enhance sensuality in women, and to attract physical love.

    KNOT WEED (LADIES’ THUMB)To bind, restrict or control a person’s movements; to symbolically tie things down.

    LAVENDER FLOWERSTo promote passion, romance, harmony, friendship, and cooperation with a lover.

    LEMON LEAVESFor “cut-and-clear” spells to remove old conditions and open the way to draw a new lover.

    LEMON GRASS LEAVES For protection and to increase the power of all amulets; also for a good sexual time.

    LEMON MINT (BERGAMOT MINT) To break up bad conditions and promote health; to draw a new lover.

    LEMON VERBENATo magically break up or casue discord and strife between two people. 

    LICORICE ROOT SLICESTo gain power over others and control them; also to change someone’s mind.

     LOTUS ROOT SLICEDUsed in Lunar magical workings, for love, and for protection.  

    LOVAGE ROOT (BO’ HOG ROOT) To attract a lover of the opposite gender for romance and sexual passion.

    MAGNOLIA LEAVES Placed under the mattress for marital happiness, fidelity, and mutual sexual attraction.

    MANDRAKE ROOT (MAYPOPS) – A famous root used by conjurers to create love-dolls and also for money-drawing magic.

    MARJORAMTo drive off those who would harm your family; to protect home or business from jinxes.

    MASTER OF THE WOODSFor mastery, strength, and control over adversaries, also used to prepare a healing oil.

    MASTER ROOT, PIECES A power enhancing herb for protection, psychism, luck, and to command respect.

    MINT An herb said to break hoodoo spells and jinxes and to gain mental strength during times of difficulty.

    MISTLETOE Sacred herb of the Druids; one of the three ingredients in Medieval True Love Powder.

    MOJO BEAN –  Carried for luck; used in magic spells to make wishes come true.

    MOTHERWORT HERBFor the magical protection of women and children; to bring peace to the home and family.

    MUGWORT –  Burned and inhaled for psychic abilities, made into tea to wash amulets and crystals.

    MULLEIN – Used in “dark arts” spells and conjurations; burned with incense when raising spirits.

    MUSTARD SEED, BLACK (BROWN)  – To disrupt the activities of unwanted associates or troublesome, meddling people.

    MUSTARD SEED,YELLOW  –  A symbol of faith, carried for protection and to keep trouble away.

    NETTLE –  A strong jinx-breaker herb when used as a sprinkled or tea.

    NUTMEG, WHOLEA most powerful lucky charm is made from it by gamblers to bring in the winnings.

    OREGANO A magical herb said to keep the law away; also used to keep troublesome in-laws away.

    PASSION FLOWER HERB Symbolic of clinging love and of the crucifixion; brings peace and blessings to the home.

    PATCHOULI LEAF Used in both love-drawing and money-drawing magic rites, and to break jinxes.

    PEACH TREE LEAFAn herb used to help students pass tests and to increase studious concentration.

    PENNYROYAL HERBTo keep peace in the home, end family troubles, and help solve marital problems.

    PEONY ROOT – To protect against misfortune, bolster health, break jinxes, and draw good fortune.

    PEPPER, BLACK To get rid of evil or to cast evil onto someone; to make someone move out of your way.

    PEPPER, RED  – To make problems for someone, cause a break-up, make them move out; also for cleansing.

    PERIWINKLE Placed under the mattress for love; carried to attract money and to dispel the Evil Eye.

    PINE NEEDLES – A spiritual cleanser, draws steady money, drives out spirits, removes mental negativity.

    PLANTAIN LEAF A magick herb that is said to protect one against snakes and also against thieves.

    POPPY FLOWERS To induce psychic dreams and visions while you sleep; to confuse someone for love.

    POPPY SEEDSUsed in magic spells to confuse someone; also used to dominate and morally weaken enemies.

    QUASSIA (BITTER ROOT) chips – Used in controlling and domination spells to replace or augment the hair of the target.

    QUEEN ELIZABETH ROOT (ORRIS ROOT) WHOLE – A famous hoodoo root used to attract men and to cause them to love you.

    QUEEN ELIZABETH ROOT (ORRIS ROOT) POWDER – Powdered hoodoo root used to attract men and to cause them to love you.

    RASPBERRY LEAVESUsed in an herbal spiritual bath by women so that their men will not want to wander.

    RATTLESNAKE MASTER (CORN SNAKE ROOT, ERYNGO) – For magickal protection from actual and symbolic “snakes in the grass”.

    ROSE BUDSFor conjugal love; combined with lavender and red clover tops in love-drawing spells.

    ROSE PETALSFor good luck in love; also to remove any kind of love-jinxing someone has done to you.

    ROSEMARY  – Protects against evil, cleanses, ensures fidelity; gives a woman domination in the home.

    RUE (RUTA, RUDA)  – to break curses, hexes, or jinxes that have been cast upon you; to ward off the Evil Eye.

    SAFFLOWER PETALSBurned for love by gay men; mixed with Sampson Snake Root to draw a dominant lover.

    SAGE For wisdom, discernment, and decision-making; keeps off the Evil Eye; reverses magic spells.

    SENNA LEAFUsed to draw love from someone unaware of your interest, also for faithful love.

    SENNA PODSMixed with other herbs to make a rinse water for laundry that keeps a lover faithful.

    SLIPPERY ELM BARK To stop all types of slander, gossip, and back-biting by strangers, neighbors, and family.

    SNAKE WEED (BISTORT, SMART WEED) – For luck and money; to protect against snakes and false friends.

    SOLOMON’S SEAL ROOT CHIPSTo increase wisdom and make wise decisions; for success; for protection.

    SPANISH MOSSStrange, grey plant used to stuff doll-babies (“voodoo dolls”) and for enemy-work.

    SPIKENARDA noted love-herb, mentioned in the Bible and often used love spells, oils, and incenses.

    SQUAW VINE (PARTRIDGE BERRY) HERB – Used by pregnant women to protect an unborn baby from being “marked” by jealous eyes.

    STAR ANISEStops misfortunes, increases psychic power, brings back a lost love, increases good luck.

    SUMAC BERRYTo be given a reduced sentence or fine in court cases; for making triple-strength Peace Water.

    TANSY  – Said to protect against the police, DEA, or INS looking into one’s affairs.

    TEN BARK (CINCHONA) CHIPS – To ward off or reduce the effects of unnatural illnesses caused by tricking or hexing.

    THYMETo make money grow and stay with you; to promote good health; to stop nightmares.

    TOBACCOTo win in court; to reach folks when you don’t know where they are.

    VANDAL ROOT (VALERIAN ROOT) CHIPS –  Used in raising demonic spirits, making pacts, and casting evil spells.

    VERBENA (VERVAIN) – One of the three herbal ingredients in magical Medieval True Love Powder.

    VIOLET LEAF CUT AND SIFTED – Used in magic spells to heal a broken heart and to attract a new love to you.

    VIOLET LEAF WHOLE – Worn in the shoe to attract a new lover, bring back a lost love, or heal a broken heart.

    WALNUT LEAFAn herb that is used in hexing, jinxing, crossing, and break-up spells.

    WINTERGREEN  – Draws money and good luck; aids in sexual matters; used to smoke gambling halls.

    WOOD BETONYProtective against evil spirits and disease; burned with Agrimony to reverse jinxes.

    WORMWOODProtective magic herb, prevents accidents; stimulates psychic visions and contact with spirits.

    YARROW FLOWER, WHOLE FLOWER HEADS – Breaks curses, increases psychic power, and stimulates courage in dangerous situations.

    YELLOW DOCK ROOT WHOLE  – Native Americans have preferred this root for the creation of effigy dolls for love.

    YERBA SANTA The name means Holy herb; kept on altars as an offering; brewed into a cleansing herb tea.


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