The Power Is Within You

"In the secret of my
knowledge there is
no God but me!"

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    Witches Spell

    Satanic Calender




    Satanic Ritual Calendar


    January 7    St. Wine bald Day Blood Rituals


    January 17    Satanic Revels Sexual Rituals


    February 2    Satanic Revels Sexual Rituals


    February 25    St. Walpurgis Day Blood Rituals


    March 1     St. Eichatadt Day Blood Rituals


    March 20    Equinox Feast Day Sexual Rituals


    April 26 –    May 1 Grand Climax Blood Rituals


    June 21    Solstice Feast Day Sexual Rituals


    July 1    Demon Revels Blood Rituals


    August 3    Satanic Revels Sexual Rituals


    September 7    Marriage To The Beast Sexual Rituals


    September 20    Midnight Host Blood Rituals


    September 22    Equinox Feast Day Sexual Rituals


    October 29    All Hallow Eve Blood Rituals


    November 1     Halloween Sexual Rituals


    November 4    Satanic Revels Sexual Rituals


    December 22     Solstice Feast Day Sexual Rituals


    December 24     High Grand Climax Blood Rituals


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