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    Witches Spell

    Satanic Altar



    The altar is a sacred place that represents your faith in Satan and also provides you with a focal point for concentration during the any ritual. When you have performed a dedication ritual to Satan – he is all around you –  Magic and the power of Satan is not tied to your altar, nor your ritual area – these are just special places where this energy can be focused.


    For your Satanic Altar table –  it should be around waist height and large enough to give you ample
    amount of space for your ritual materials and needs.


    A black or blue altar cloth should be made by you or purchased. The cloth MUST be NEW.
    If you wish to add embellishments they should be sigils of Satan and  your chosen Demon. REMEMBER – since it is Satan that you have chosen to worship, he should always be considered before any other entity at ALL TIMES.


    Two black or red candles for should sit on your Altar for Satan, the candles can be style of your choice. Please be careful when choosing colored candles for magickal purposes as the centre can be white. You need solid colour candles for spell work. Within Satanism, and more broadly the Occult in general, black candles have been popularly associated with most workings, (perhaps more so in Satanism than the occult) due to their symbolism and power. The color black, is typically associated with strength, protection and the dark energy of the Black Flame, but not evil. Using black candles is one way to bring more power into your workings, but it is not the only powerful color you can use.


    A symbol of Satan, must be set in the center of the altar table. Such items as a pentagram, Baphomet, Lucifer’s Sigil, inverted cross, or any symbol that is traditionally connected with Satan can be used for your Altar. Symbols can be the most heavily debated part of ones altar or ritual area. There are almost as many occult symbols as their are occult practitioners, ranging from general symbols like the Pentagram or Pentacle, to sigils and personally designed seals. These can be significant for their designated purposes, meant for certain rituals, or open certain doorways – however whatever the case may be, some are merely chosen based upon the personal selection of the individual.


    A athame for spell burning and drawing blood, this should have a clean sharp blade. There should be no rust or marred areas on the blade that could hold bacteria. Again we can not stress the importance of a sharp athame – Sharpening the blade prior to and after the ritual is highly essential. The athame should always be kept extremely clean so washing it regularly in hot water with anti-bacterial soap then drying it with a lint free cloth is key as is cleaning the blade with rubbing alcohol prior to use. You should also clean the area that you intended to use for any type of pact where you will need to sign in blood. Rubbing an alcohol wipe in the area prior to ritual  and after is paramount. Remember – poor cleanliness is deadly and if you do not keep your Athame clean, as with your wounds you will surely find this out the hard way. Its also important to remember that MANY people prefer to use a sterilized needle when blood-drawing for spellwork .This method is modern, hygienic and safe.


    A small pot made of earthenware, porcelain, or clay to burn prayers or spell work. This should not be plastic, metal, or glass, as heat will make all three break, burn, or heat up to the point of causing a fire.


    A chalice, it should be either made of thick glass or metal. We really do not suggest plastic as the Altar must be sacred. The chalice must be new and not used for any other purpose other than Satanism.


    A ritual  book should contain all of  your spell work  and sacred texts. You could also keep a diary of your rituals, meditations, and other workings and your experiences of Satanism. 



    The ringing effect of a bell is used to mark both the beginning and the end of the ritual. You ring the bell nine times, turning counter clockwise –  This is done once at the beginning of the ritual to clear and purify the air of all external sounds.




    In day to day life, some think that a Satanist should always wear black, or imitate Goth Pop Culture. While there is nothing wrong with these philosophies, it is not a requirement. A Satanist can dress however they deem appropriate, and what ever is comfortable for them. You should never be afraid to show who or what you are, when it is safe enough to do so.


    • It is a good idea to always bathe before ritual. This shows respect.
    • Light your incense and let it burn 10-15 minutes to fill the room.
    • Write any prayers, thanksgivings and/or requests out on clean parchment paper
    • Light your candles. 
    • Fill your chalice with wine or another drink of choice.
    • Dress for ritual. If you don’t have a ritual robe, try to wear all black, if possible. Be sure your clothes are clean and tidy. 


    Now all that is needed is the items required for your ritual spell work. Be sure to have everything you require BEFORE you cast your magickal circle. Once the circle is cast you must NEVER step outside of the boundaries you have created – as this can prove very dangerous.







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