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    How to use the Ouija Board




    Some people are naturally very sceptical when it comes to using a Ouija Board, especially a board which is on the internet. However; there is little doubt that Demons and Spirit can make contact with us  through electrical communication.

    The Ouija board is made from wood or cardboard and a plastic planchette. However, when used to contact spirits, it becomes a spirit tool. It opens a doorway to the spirit realms.

    In the world of witchcraft, magicians use ritual to set up protection, when they scry in a black mirror to receive visions. The Ouija is no different. The Ouija opens a doorway. This doorway should be both opened and closed during ritual. If you are unwilling to do this, and to protect yourself, you should not use the Ouija AT ALL. It is not a toy. Provided below are some elements of a protective ritual. We urge you to take this seriously.

    Turn out all lights. Place a white candle on your alter – burn purification incense or oil.  Imagine yourself in a sphere of white light. Call upon the positive spirits to protect you from negative energies during the ritual. Remember to thank the spirits for joining you and politely ask them to leave. Snuff out the candle and tidy away all tools you may have used. NEVER blow out the candle.


    Begin Your Session!

     Make sure that your surroundings are conducive  to a good Ouija session. There should be no distractions or interruptions of any kind. Turn off the television and radio. Get away from all distractions. Good places to use Ouija boards are bedrooms, closets, cozy attics, empty fields under the stars, cemeteries, lonely wind-swept beaches,  just about anyplace where it is private and quiet.

    Sit with the board balanced securely on your lap or on the table before you. Make sure you have adequate back support  so that you remain comfortable throughout your experience. Place your fingertips lightly on the planchette. Take a quiet moment to empty your mind of unnecessary thoughts. Relaxation is essential.

    ” Is their anybody there? “

    With your fingers in the proper position, give the planchette a few moments to work by itself. If nothing happens or it acts “asleep,” very lightly slide it around the board in a circular motion. Now here comes the tricky part,  especially if you plan on working without a partner. As you are circling the Ouija, try to distance yourself mentally from the movement on the board. In other words, try to be a spectator as the planchette moves through the letters. You’re supposed to be watching things happen—not make them happen. It’s a conscious-unconscious state that you are trying to achieve and it’s going to take a little practice so don’t over analyze this technique. It’s a simple mental skill that’s very easy to learn. You shouldn’t think consciously about the details as you’re performing every little movement.

    Make no mistake a Ouija Board is serious business! If you really wish to make contact with the spirit world then you have to realise right from the start what you are doing is serious and potentially dangerous. The capability of the board must not be underestimated, for it is device that is able to relay the messages from the spirit World, into a coherent and identifiable readable message.

    Various versions of the board have been marketed since their popularity with the mediums of the séance parlours at the turn of the century. The word séance means sitting and emerged at the time when it was extremely popular for people to visit mediums in their parlours and take part in their séance to contact the Spirit World.

    It has to be stated very early on in a person’s knowledge of getting to understand the Ouija board that the board itself does nothing, it is merely an indicator of feelings, emotions and messages in direct communication between person and The Spirit Realm. The board Itself IS NOT EVIL, nor is it full of EVIL INTENTION. How can it be? It is an inanimate object to the same extent as a table or chair. It is a piece of card, paper or wood that is no different to any other pieces of card, paper or wood.

    The owning of a Ouija board does not bring bad luck or harm, it is just an object with letters and numbers printed upon, it has no power of its own.  The potential that the board does have is to release within the individual operating board, that psychic link with the beyond that is within the destiny of all of us. The operator is opening themselves out to the influences that move around us constantly, the world of Spirit is on the same Earth as this world that we live in ourselves.

    Contact with the Spirit World therefore occurs when what is called “The veil between the worlds of man and spirit” is at its thinnest. This again is a natural occurrence, and the thinning of the veil happens on the most natural occasion. It can happen

    1. When it gets dark.

    2. When we are about to fall asleep

    3. At certain times of the year, traditionally sabbaths associated with witches.

    4. When we attune our minds to the Spirit World, meditate upon it, concentrate upon its presence and bring it to the forefront of our understanding.

    At times, like any other time, you are not in any real danger from The Spirit Realm, the energies that you will be contacting are purely natural energies. It is NOT in the domain of SATAN OR HIS DEMONS, such concepts only occur within the twisted minds of scare-mongers who wish, for their own ends, to dissuade people from experiencing the secure knowledge that there is LIFE AFTER DEATH.

    YOU WILL NOT BECOME POSSESSED!!! you will not die, nor will you go mad, what you will experience is proof of the existence hereafter, something that psychics and mystics have known for CENTURIES.

    Tales of EVIL SPIRITS coming through frightening people or telling people to kill themselves has been proved without a shadow of a doubt to be the work of FOOLS who have consciously manipulated the glass or planchette to bring forth messages of their own creation.


    As explained the Ouija Board IS NOT a gateway to EVIL nor is it a tool of Satan. It is merely an aid to give messages from the Spirit World to our world. The board validates the existence of the continuity of life and proves that life is energy.



    To protect yourself from unwanted vibrations or entities. Create your circle of protection. Face the East with feet together. Close your eyes and raise your hands above your head. Point your right forefinger at the ceiling.

    Repeat the verse below – three times.

    In the name above every other name,

    Protect me in body and soul

    I dismiss from this place all negative energies and entities,

    Let them cross my Path never again – so mote it be.



    Energy cannot be destroyed, only changed. Such is life and such is the continuity of life past physical death.




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